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Multiple reports point toward a possible return of James Harrison

Things are starting to look better for a return of, a possibly healthy, James Harrison

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Parise, the agent of Steelers outside linebacker James Harrison, is quoted in the Post-Gazette as saying the two sides are trying to find some common ground on a contract re-negotiation that would keep Harrison in Pittsburgh for the 2013 season.

Harrison is scheduled to make $6.57 million this season and $7.575 million in 2014.

Must have been a light day at the Beaver County YMCA, where Parise serves as director, because he also found the time to talk to Ian Rapoport. Rapoport went a little further than the Post-Gazette report saying that he and Harrison are fully aware of the Steelers' current salary cap situation. While Parise did not say that Harrison was willing to take a pay cut, an acknowledgement of the current reality is a good start.

Another positive of the Rapoport report was him reporting that Parise said that Harrison is currently as healthy as he has been in a long time. Also, Harrison is currently training in, wait for it, Arizona.

Inexplicably, Rapoport did not seem to ask the obvious follow-up as to why Harrison would choose to train in Arizona instead of the palatial Beaver County YMCA.

Not clear what this portends for the other Steeler free agents, but the next few weeks should be interesting.