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2013 NFL Free Agency: Brian Hoyer draws a second round tender

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Cardinals give Brian Hoyer a second-round tender.

Norm Hall

It's the start of Free Agency Bonanza here on Behind The Steel Curtain, and we are starting it off with with the second former Steelers quarterback to cash in on something this offseason.

While a great trivial question is "name the current NFL quarterbacks with two rings (Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and Dennis Dixon)", former Steelers back-up Double-Dee moved over to Philadelphia and former Oregon coach Chip Kelly.

That's gotta be encouraging for Eagles fans. The back-ups to the imploding Michael Vick are Nick Foles (couldn't be physically less like the QBs Kelly has used in the past) and Dixon, who's...Dixon.

The point being, former Steelers back-up Brian Hoyer was given a second-round tender in restricted free agency Friday.


We have no idea.

Teams could have had him for free last season, after being released by the Patriots, who, oddly, gave him a second-round tender. Teams never go after players in restricted free agency, and protecting him at $2.023 million - instead of the right of first refusal level, which is $700,000 less.

That's a lot of money for a guy who has appeared in 15 games in four years.