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Steelers Free Agency: Midnight coming fast for Ramon Foster

It doesn't look like Steelers guard Ramon Foster will play a fifth year in Pittsburgh, but the two sides are talking about a deal.

Norm Hall

Ramon Foster hasn't played for another team. He wasn't even drafted by another team.

Signed as an undrafted free agent in 2009, Foster probably played well enough to land a reasonably nice deal in his second foray into unrestricted free agency.

It appears as if Foster will find a better option this time.

Foster developed himself into a starter multiple times in his career, and has been a valuable member of an offensive line that's seen several injuries over Foster's career.

The logical choice is Arizona, because Arizona always signs former Steelers players. We suggested perhaps Tennessee and head coach Mike Munchak would want to take a run at Foster.

Either way, reports suggest the Steelers and Foster are making one last-ditch effort to see if something can be worked out.