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2013 NFL Free Agency: Who would you sign?

Hypothetically, let's say the Steelers have $15 million in cap space and its current situation is intact. Even more hypothetically, you are in charge of the team's roster. Who would you sign and for how much?

Gregory Shamus

Put your amateur GM hat on for a minute...let's say the Steelers have $15 million in cap space, and you are in charge of this team's roster for the 2013 season. Their impending free agents are all the same, draft picks are all the same, but magically, cap space is there, and tragically, they have placed you in charge of the team.

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Who are you going to sign when free agency begins? How much and for how long?

There's a slew of veteran defensive backs on the market now, and it will be interesting to see how that plays either for or against Keenan Lewis. It's been the same thing with running backs, as their value continues to dip with each passing season.

Maybe you don't sign anyone, and prefer to dole out some extensions internally.

What say you? Play GM, are there any Steelers who just aren't signed yet in the waiting? Sound off here.