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James Harrison released: Steelers cut one of the best players in franchise history

The Steelers have cut outside linebacker James Harrison in something of an expected move.

Al Bello

The Steelers and former Defensive Player of the Year James Harrison are parting ways.

Pittsburgh will cut Harrison, a five-time Pro Bowl selection and two-time All Pro first team member, Harrison's bulky $6.57 million salary and balky knees, combined with this 35 years of age, were too much, despite prior efforts to work out a deal for this season.

Harrison will hit the free agency market immediately, not having to wait until Tuesday to sign with another team.

He's likely to draw interest there, particularly from other 3-4 teams like Green Bay, New Orleans and Cleveland. Harrison appeared to get stronger each game last season after the start of the year was somewhat derailed due to knee surgery he underwent at the start of the year.

Harrison leaves Pittsburgh a member of two Super Bowl championship teams, and owner of perhaps the biggest individual play in Super Bowl history.

There are hundreds of tributes to give Harrison, truly one of the best Steelers players of all time. Perhaps this is the best one.