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BTSC 2013 Community Mock Draft: Time to pick teams

It's that time of year again (no, not April Fools) when we realize that we should've actually started this earlier, but have just enough time that we probably can still pull this off before the real draft rolls around.


Hey folks, we're finally kicking off BTSC's 2013 Community Mock Draft! We hate starting these too early (before the Combine is just silly), but we're actually quite overdue for it now.

If you haven't participated before or could use a refresher about how this is going to go, we're going to mock the 1st round (and just the 1st round) of the coming draft as a community. Each team gets a representative, and when it is their turn, they make their pick AND put together a write up -- no short-changing us and assuming that we can read your mind and figure out your line of reasoning.

If we can keep moving along at a two-a-day clip, we should have this done before the actual NFL Draft kicks off on Thursday, April 25.

If you're interested in participating, keep the following in mind:

1) Please only sign up if you typically visit BTSC every day, or every other day. I say this because we all suffer if we're kept hanging by someone that does not realize they're on the clock.

2) Please don't select a team if you'll be taking a week-long vacation between now and April 25 and will be out of touch. If you travel for business or have a few short trips on the horizon, that's okay. There's no saying exactly when you'll be up, but I can work with you if you get unlucky and it looks like you will be away for a few days when it's time for your team to pick.

3) Ideally, you should select a team that you know something about. For example -- if you live in Chicago and have to listen to your idiot best friend go on and on about the Bears and how much Cutler sucks and why it's an absolute travesty that Urlacher is going to play in any other jersey no matter how old he is... then they might be a good choice. This isn't possible in every instance, but when possible, pick a team that you know at least a thing or two about.

4) The Steelers have been set aside and reserved. Free game other than that.

How to pick a team:

1) Select the team you'd like to draft for in the comments section. I will do my best to try to cross names off the list as I see them come off the board, but please do your best to also scan the comments section to see what's been selected.

2) Select only one team.

3) Please, please don't do this: "I'll take the Steelers if they're available, if not, I'll take the Vikings." Select one team after scanning the comments and checking my updated list.

4) If you and someone else select a team within moments of each other, then feel free to select a second team after you've realized that you just missed out.

5) Do note that if you select St. Louis/Minnesota, you're on the hook for making two picks. If someone else is desperate to participate but saw this too late, maybe we'll see about asking you to donate one of your selections to spread the love. But be prepared to do both.

2013 1st Round Draft Order:

  1. Kansas City Chiefs - steelerfever
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars - Steel in FL
  3. Oakland Raiders - Psychoward86
  4. Philadelphia Eagles - diehardsteelerfan625
  5. Detroit Lions - asmith87
  6. Cleveland Browns - AMKrup
  7. Arizona Cardinals - Steel34D
  8. Buffalo Bills - dnclark
  9. New York Jets - PCISteeler
  10. Tennessee Titans - gentile3
  11. San Diego Chargers - slatts17
  12. Miami Dolphins - Michael Uhlhorn
  13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - TheCommish
  14. Carolina Panthers - StoneColdSteel
  15. New Orleans Saints - Thoroughbred of Sin
  16. St. Louis Rams - Hines4theHall
  17. Pittsburgh Steelers - (reserved)
  18. Dallas Cowboys - Lamarr56
  19. New York Giants - BlackandGold
  20. Chicago Bears - ddoubleday
  21. Cincinnati Bengals - garmancm
  22. St. Louis Rams (via Washington for RGIII) - Hines4theHall
  23. Minnesota Vikings - Pittsblitz56
  24. Indianapolis Colts - steel3dd92
  25. Minnesota Vikings (via Seattle for Percy Harvin) - Pittsblitz56
  26. Green Bay Packers - barnerburner
  27. Houston Texans - c63tho
  28. Denver Broncos - Ram_india
  29. New England Patriots - TrifeReality
  30. Atlanta Falcons - MDR21
  31. San Francisco 49ers - afbassi
  32. Baltimore Ravens - Mr MaLoR

Once all the teams have been selected, I'll post some more instructions about actually making picks, and then this thing will be officially under way!