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Troy Polamalu drops Head & Shoulders, signs with Suave

It's not just for Walgreens anymore, shampoo manufacturer Suave inks Steelers safety Troy Polamalu to five-year endorsement deal.

Karl Walter

Steelers safety Troy Polamalu gets better with age. Or, at least the marketing division of Suave shampoo thinks so.

The company with more bottles of product on the shelves of Walgreens and Pamida covered in dust is looking to upgrade its current image as a low-cost alternative to quality to a high-priced, playmaking shampoo by signing Polamalu to a five-year endorsement deal.

The product line, dubbed "The Action Series," will have shampoo and conditioning products for men, women and some pets. It will be on sale with Suave's regular partners, Walgreens and Pamida, or any other fine retailer that has a pharmacy and sells As Seen On TV products.

The Action Series will join Magic Mesh and the Wax Vac on shelves and will go on sale immediately. And we can expect to see it often. The company will launch an advertising campaign featuring Polamalu that will run throughout the season, and will include multiple Super Bowl spots, according to the company's web site.