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Steelers rank fifth in jersey sales in 2012, no player in top 15

Long-time top 10 staple Troy Polamalu fell out of that range, but the Steelers still sold the fifth-most jerseys from April 1, 2012 through March 31, 2013.


On one hand, the fact the Steelers didn't have a player in the top 15 in total jersey sales in 2012 shows a dip in the player appeal of their brand.

On the other, they were the only team in the top five of total jersey sales without any one player in the top 15 individually. That has to speak to their overall appeal.

These numbers are based on an report from purchases from from March 31 through April 1.

Steelers strong safety Troy Polamalu has been a lock in the top 10 for players jersey sales since he broke into the league in 2003. He fell out of the top 15 over the last year.

Washington's Robert Griffin III was the highest sold jersey with Denver's Peyton Manning and Baltimore's Ray Lewis in second and third respectively. Interestingly, New York Jets back-up quarterback Tim Tebow (13th) was the only player in the top 15 who did not appear in last year's playoffs.

The San Francisco 49ers, fueled by the emergence of Colin Kaepernick (4th) and his playoff success, finished at the top spot for the first time in franchise history. Super Bowl XLVII foe Baltimore finished second, the New York Giants and Redskins finished third and fourth, respectively, and the Steelers rounded out the top five.

Top-selling NFL player jerseys
Rank Player
1 Robert Griffin III
2 Peyton Manning
3 Ray Lewis
4 Colin Kaepernick
5 Tom Brady
6 Andrew Luck
7 Aaron Rodgers
8 Victor Cruz
9 Eli Manning
10 Patrick Willis
11 Rob Gronkowski
12 J.J. Watt
13 Tim Tebow
14 Russell Wilson
15 Marshawn Lynch