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Is matching an offer for Emmanuel Sanders the right thing for the Steelers to do?

Let's be democratic. Let's put it to a vote.

Jared Wickerham

Let's say SteelerNation is making this decision.

On one hand, there's a young receiver who's shown some flashes of ability and production. He's on a team with a relatively shallow pool of depth at his position, and was being counted on to fill some shoes that took their talents to South Beach - even if the new shoes can't possibly do what the old shoes did.

On the other, it's a third round draft pick in a year where receivers with talent will be available in that round. The 91st pick in this draft would become the Steelers. Matching the offer, which is reportedly for $2.5 million, would nearly double the original round tender offer the player was given.

For those of us with three hands, there's the idea of signing that receiver to a long-term deal, lessening the impact of the hit in the first year to the salary cap, provide some depth long-term and give the Steelers something to build on.

We'll throw in an "other" category for those who can find a fourth option in this.

Vote away, and share your comments, we'll use the results and your opinions in a future article.