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Steelers Bring in Jarvis Jones for Visit

Jones makes the fourth player-visit for the Steelers. Now Pittsburgh has a chance to test the young man themselves before having the chance to take him at 17.


Per Gerry Dulac, the Steelers are planning to meet with Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones today. Jones makes number 4 of 30 total non-local prospects the Steelers can meet with before the draft.

Jones has arguably become this year's favorite pick at 17 for Pittsburgh, and it is easy to tell why. He is a pure-pass rusher and has been compared to Von Miller by the likes of Mel Kiper. Jones led the nation with 14.5 sacks last season, and many early mock-drafts had him as a top-5 pick.

Other linebackers have rocketed up the boards more due to freakish athletic ability and potential, as opposed to their on-the-field production. Meanwhile, Jones - who produced better than any pass-rusher in this class - has fallen because of reports about spinal stenosis, a potentially career-shortening condition, though recently there have been reports that Jones might be clean medically after-all.

We all assumed the Steelers would have interest if Jones fell to 17, and now they have their chance to see what he is made of. Teams only get 30 individual visits and shouldn't waste them on players that don't intrigue them - count this as a sign the Steelers are at least going to kick the tires about making Jarvis Jones your next jersey order.