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5 Burning Questions on Steelers Draft History: Cowher-Colbert Edition

Bill Cowher and Kevin Colbert got along so well reporters sometimes referred to them as "Cowherbert." Getting along is one thing, but how did the two do in the draft room? Today, Behind the Steel Curtain lets you decide.

Bill Cowher credits Kevin Colbert for his "Second Wind"
Bill Cowher credits Kevin Colbert for his "Second Wind"
Jared Wickerham

On the day he stepped down as head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Bill Cowher credited Kevin Colbert for "Giving him his second wind."

And for good reason.

Under Kevin Colbert, the Steelers record with first round draft picks is without peer.

But NFL Draft is comprised of 7 rounds and as part of Behind the Steel Curtain's run up to the 2013 NFL Draft, you get to rate Colbert-Cowher's performance, as part of our 5 7 Burning Questions on Steelers Draft History, Colbert-Cowher edition.

The rules are slightly different than last week. This week you've got two first round picks, since if we limited everyone to know, there would be little diversity in people's first round selections.

Likewise, obvious busts have been eliminated, although anyone who wishes to argue Alonzo Jackson's merits as a second round pick compared to the others listed is more than welcome to give it a shot.

First Round
2000: Plaxico Burress, wide receiver; 2001: Casey Hampton, nose tackle; 2002: Kendall Simmons, guard; 2003: Troy Polamalu, safety; 2004: Ben Roethlisberger, quarterback; 2005: Heath Miller, tight end; 2006: Santonio Holmes, wide receiver

Second Round
2000: Marvel Smith, offensive tackle; 2001: Kendrell Bell, linebacker; 2002: Antwaan Randle El, wide receiver; 2005: Bryant McFadden

Third Round
2000: Kendrick Clancy, nose tackle and Hank Poeat, cornerback; 2002: Chris Hope, safety; 2004: Max Starks, tackle; 2005: Trai Essex, tackle

Fourth Round
2002: Larry Foote, linebacker; 2004: Ike Taylor, cornerback;

Fifth Round
2000: Clark Haggans, linebacker; 2002: Verron Hayes, running back; 2003: Brian St. Pierre, quarterback

Sixth Round
2001: Rodney Bailey, defensive end; 2002: Lee Mays, wide receiver; 2005: Chris Kemoeatu, guard

Seventh Round
2002: Brett Keisel, defensive end;

Bonus Question: Which draft of the Cowher-Colbert era was the best and why?

There you go folks.

Remember, looking at your neighbor's paper is more than encouraged, but all picks must be your own. And of course, show your work. (In other words defend your choices!)

Have at it.