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Another mock draft has Dee Milliner going to Pittsburgh

Yahoo! Sports' Greg Cosell tabs Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner to Pittsburgh at 17.

Kevin C. Cox

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me, you, shame, twice, on me.

How's that go?

National Football Post writer Russ Lande called Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner to Pittsburgh at 17 earlier in April, and now, Yahoo! Sports' Greg Cosell is following suit.

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Milliner, who has been tagged by most as a top 10 pick, could be the odd man out of a linemen-heavy top half of the 2013 NFL Draft Thursday in New York.

Does that mean either that Milliner will fall that far, or the Steelers will take a cornerback - something they haven't done since 1997 and have done only twice in the last 25 years? Of course not, but anything can happen.

Perhaps the better question now isn't so much whether Milliner would fall that far, but would the Steelers ensure Milliner would last until the 18th pick? It's an interesting question, what would seem the ultimate value player at a position that's not considered a big need.