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2013 Steelers Draft: If Vaccaro is an option, he will have to last until 17

If the Steelers really do covet Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro, they may have to trade up a pick or two to get him. Is he worth it, considering they'd have to give up a mid-round pick in a draft that's more deep than top-heavy?


Tribune-Review reporter Alan Robinson does a good job of pointing out how old we all are, since Troy Polamalu turned 32 years old last week.

This must be what the Steel Curtain generation felt like when Terry Bradshaw and Mean Joe Greene advanced suddenly into their 30s.

The point being, safety is a position of need in this draft. Polamalu turned 32 on April 19, despite some predictions that he would actually reduce in age on that day. The Steelers are hanging on the 17th pick in a draft that does not have a clear-cut favorite for the 17th best player overall. Texas's Kenny Vaccaro makes sense from a talent and need perspective, but without the third element - rarity - Vaccaro doesn't distinguish himself as that sure-fire bet for the pick.

There are just too many other good safeties.

Florida International's John Cyprien, for one. Florida's Matt Elam is another. Are these players clearly inferior to Vaccaro?

In terms of value, their proximity to worthiness of the 17th overall pick draws down Vaccaro's value, if the buyer believes them to be fair comparables. But that gets thrown out the window sometimes in the draft due to circumstances, such as, like Robinson points out, a team like the St. Louis Rams or the New Orleans Saints could use a safety themselves.

With the likelihood of a trade down appearing low in this draft, to get the best player at the biggest area of need, the Steelers may have to trade up a pick or two. This is an unappealing option, considering this draft is more deep than top-heavy, especially in the third and fourth round area, where the pick desired by the Rams or Saints would likely be found.

It didn't appear general manager Kevin Colbert was big on this option, either.

If Vaccaro isn't there, and a trade to move up a spot or two isn't found, it wouldn't be a surprise to see the Steelers make a move to go after one of the higher-rated safeties in the second or third rounds. That definitely won't be Vaccaro.