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Mocking the Draft: Cordarrelle Patterson to the Steelers

SB Nation's Dan Kadar puts Tennessee WR Cordarrelle Patterson in a Steelers uniform.

John Sommers II

While Jarvis Jones seems to be the front-runner for the Steelers pick at 17 Thursday in the first round of the NFL Draft, Tennessee's raw but uber-athletic wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson is still competitive.

SB Nation's Dan Kadar recently put Patterson in Pittsburgh at 17, following suit of the Triumverate's selection of Patterson in the Blogger's Mock Draft.

It's tough to deny the talent, as raw as it is. He's a big NFL wide receiver, but his most impressive attributes seem to be after the catch - he moves like a much smaller player, showing great quickness and the ability to elude defenders.

In a draft where it's not likely many players available at 17 (with the talent and potential to justify the 17th overall pick) will come in and contribute right away, taking a player with a high ceiling like Patterson seems like a good idea.

If he's available, of course.

Patterson has probably been mocked at every spot in the draft from 13 to the end of the first round. It's not impossible for him to either fall to 17 or be a mid-20s selection, but a team with a good track record of coaching raw prospects could get a great player.