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James Harrison contract terms released

The exact amount the Bengals are now paying former Steelers linebacker James Harrison are somewhat surprising.

Gregory Shamus

For James Harrison's sake, we hope his decision to decline the Steelers' offer wasn't purely financially motivated.

According to a source reported by Cincinnati Enquirer reporter Joe Reedy, Harrison will make a shade less with Cincinnati than what he was offered in Pittsburgh.

Harrison reportedly turned down a 30% pay cut to stay with the Steelers, though he could have reached his original $6.57 million salary through incentives. That 30 percent pay cut would have put him around $4.5 million in 2013, which is a Lexus more than Harrison is set to earn over the next two years.

Many Steelers fans thought Harrison had overplayed his hand for a while now, and these numbers have proved that. He has no one to blame but himself and his agent. They believed he was either worth more, or just disrespected by Pittsburgh in general, and he has the lost income to prove that football is a business, and the Steelers were trying to do right by him and the organization.

Cincinnati has a steal for two years if Harrison can remain healthy. I was hoping he would venture far away from the AFC North, but now Harrison has yet another thing to be motivated by for at least 4 games against his former team. Hopefully Luke Joekel falls to 17 tomorrow, because if not Ben better watch his blind side for a motivated former teammate.