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2008 and 2005 Steelers rank among lowest all-time Super Bowl champions

A champion is a champion, but what happens when you compare the winners against each other?


When you start ranking the Super Bowl champions against each other, you open yourself up to a lot of criticism by nearly every fan base out there. I’m sure the four Jaguar fans would come raging as loud as Steeler Nation if their fictitious champion were to be placed lower than top 5. Criticism is expected when you go around making top-lists (ask Bleacher Report), but a Best-of-Champions list is likely to bring out a larger than normal amount of criticism.

The folks over at threw caution to the wind and set off trying to rank football’s greatest teams against each other.

It didn’t take long for the first Steelers team to make the list, which isn’t encouraging when working in reverse-order. But when you have the most championships, one must inevitably be the white pup cast as the outcast amongst the 5 "legitimate" wolves.

The Steelers found their outcast in a team that many in the Pacific Northwest believe don’t have a legitimate claim to a title, the 2005 championship team. Ranking at number 42 out of 47 hurts a bit as a fan, but I can’t find blame in ranking this team as the worst of the Steelers’ champions. This team won with heart and timely plays, not by being the best team on the field.

The 2005 Steelers were the first champions of my life-time, and the victory was sweet whether or not the team was as dominant as the teams of the 70’s. This team still had Jerome Bettis, it had Ben Roethlisberger as the youngest QB to ever win a Super Bowl, it had trick plays and one huge Fast Willie Parker run. This team, this game, had a bit of everything you love if you are a Steelers fan. But was this team truly great?

They squeaked by a superior Colts team due to gutsy play calls to start the game slinging it with Ben, solid defense that held Peyton Manning in check for more than half the game, the greatest QB-on-Corner tackle in NFL history, and the worst field goal attempt in Colts’ History.

They solidly beat a very over-rated Denver Broncos who were still being led by Jake-the-Snake, and defeated the NFC’s number 1 seed Seattle Seahawks.

This is all very impressive for the first 6th Seed to win a Championship, but would you bet they could do this again? Put your thoughts on the rankings, and where the rest of the teams should end up.

Take heart though, Steelers fans, the 2005 team is still ranked higher than the 2012 Baltimore Ravens.