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NFL Draft 2013: Jarvis Jones to Steelers one of draft's "safest picks?"

New rumors of how this year's maligned QB crop will actually turn out to be valued could help make it happen.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Yahoo's Jason Cole is predicting one of the safest picks in the draft is Jarvis Jones heading to the Pittsburgh Steelers. This shouldn't come as a surprise, since I think BTSC has used every picture of Jarvis Jones ever taken to headline articles. I took a break from Mr. Jones face with a photo of our Chief looking like a boss.

The 17th pick is a logical point for Jones to fall. He has slid behind other pass rushers like Dion Jordan and Ziggy Ansah, and there are rumors starting to swirl that multiple QB's could still go in the top-10 this year (Browns with Geno Smith; Bills with Ryan Nassib).

The biggest competitor for Jones looked to be the New Orleans Saints, but recent rumors have them looking at defensive back (despite just signing Keenan Lewis in free agency).

The Steelers could select any number of players if early runs on QBs, OL and DBs let good prospects fall. One other option could still be for the Steelers to trade out of the 17th slot and move back to gain more mid-round picks. However, for my money - all signs point to Jarvis Jones.

Just a few hours left now until all this mocking becomes moot, but give me your last bets below with what the Steelers do tonight.