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Jarvis Jones is a Steelers kind of guy

He isn't the typical age, he isn't in a common position for first round picks in Pittsburgh, but everything else about Jarvis Jones is Steelers all the way.

Scott Cunningham

If the 2012 NFL Draft came as a shock to the Steelers, the 2013 Draft is pretty blase.

David DeCastro was expected to be drafted far earlier than he was by the Steelers. Jarvis Jones was picked to go to the Steelers nearly as soon as mock drafts took over the Internet.

It's somewhat ironic the oldest Steelers first round draft pick under Mike Tomlin was the most obvious choice. It's even more odd that the oldest first round pick is also the first outside linebacker the Steelers have taken in the first round, while being the most obvious pick.

DeCastro was the obvious pick in terms of need and talent in 2012, he just wasn't supposed to be available.

The Steelers don't draft outside linebackers that highly - and now the three likely at the top of their depth chart come Week 1 will be a first round pick and two second round picks; LaMarr Woodley and Jason Worilds.

But his production can't be beat. He works hard on and off the field and was a leader on one of the best defensive teams in the country.

So he's 24.

No one can question Jones' motor. He is relentless in pursuit and plays with a lot of heart.

Maybe the oldest guy just happens to be the most obvious Steelers player in this draft.