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5 Burning Questions on the Steelers NFL Draft Day 2 Edition

Who should the Steelers take in rounds 2 and 3? What needs to must they fill? What do you think of Jarvis Jones' selection. Answer these and other Burning Questions on the Steelers Draft.

Carnell Lake was a Steelers 2nd Rounder. Can they find someone like him today?
Carnell Lake was a Steelers 2nd Rounder. Can they find someone like him today?
Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

In case you've been under a rock, you know that the Steelers began the 2013 NFL Draft by selecting Georgia Bulldog Jarvis Jones with the 17th overall pick.

Today brings round two and while hope abounds, any optimism must be tempered by the reality that Kevin Colbert's record with second round picks is about .500, whereas Colbert's record with 1st round draft picks is almost without peer.

Nonetheless, the Steelers have made some great second round picks in there time, and that bring us to our 5 Burning Questions Draft Day Number 2 edition.

1. Regardless of who else they might have taken, share your analysis of Jarvis Jones.

2. Taking into account the Steelers' needs and remaining players on the board, defend why you think the Steelers should have taken Jones. If not, explain why picking Jones was a mistake and who should they have taken instead.

3. Since Chuck Noll was hired in 1969, the second round has been hit or miss for the Steelers. But when they've hit, they've hit big. Rank the following second rounders:

1971: Jack Ham, LB, Penn State; 1974: Jack Lambert, LB Kent State; 1988: Dermontti Dawson, C/G Kentucky; 1989: Carnell Lake, SS, UCLA; 1992: Levon Kirkland, LB Clemson; 1993: Chad Brown, LB Colorado; 1997: Will Blackwell, WR San Diego State (just kidding, Blackwell does not belong here of course!) 2000: Marvel Smith, T Arizona State; 2007: LaMarr Woodley, LB Michigan

(feel free to include any that have been missed)

4. Looking only at need and ignoring, for the moment, who remains available - what is the Steelers most urgent draft need that they must address in rounds 2 and 3?

5. Now, taking into full consideration who is still left on the board, which players do you hope the Steelers end up drafting on day two? Defend your choices.

That's it. Have at it folks and enjoy!