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Reactions to the Steelers 2013 Draft Class

A quick glance at the nine players the Steelers selected in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

We'll get into grades and things of a more statistical nature a little later. I can barely think straight, but I'm going to expend the fumes I have left to give a quick run-down of what I think of the class and each player selected.

Round Name Pos School
1 Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia
2 Le'Veon Bell RB Michigan State
3 Markus Wheaton WR Oregon State
4 Shamarko Thomas S Syracuse
4 Landry Jones QB Oklahoma
5 Terry Hawthorne CB Illinois
6 Justin Brown WR Oklahoma
6 Vince Williams LB Florida State
7 Kyle Williams DT Samford

1. Jarvis Jones

Going back and forth, but I'd say the "right" pick at that spot and for what the team needs. I'm banking on his leadership ability, if not his high level production.

2. Le'Veon Bell

Looking at the draft, the strategy seems clearer. Maybe I'm wrong, but it looks like the Steelers went almost entirely into productive players, almost all of them do it with little sizzle and a lot of steak. I can be talked into how Bell doesn't "feel" like he's a great player but produces on ability and not opportunity.

3. Markus Wheaton

From the same "production" vein this class seems to be bred, highly accomplished collegiate receiver. Seems capable of playing anywhere on the field, and has the speed to stretch the field when needed. Slips to the third because he doesn't seem to have great lateral speed.

4a. Shamarko Thomas

Love this pick. This guy wasn't just a petty criminal or anything, he was in a gang back in the day. Overcame that, is basically raising his five siblings and made himself into a mid-round NFL draft pick despite being 5-foot-8. And he's a badass. Sure, he may never intercept a pass that wasn't tipped deep, but he's gonna hit people and he's gonna love hitting people.

4b. Landry Jones

This one is going to be argued back and forth, if it isn't already. Jones looks to me like a player who somehow lost confidence in his ability. Physically, he has decent tools. Not great. His release isn't legendary or anything, but from a mechanical end, you've seen worse looking throwers have success in the NFL. A great developmental pick. Smart pick.

5. Terry Hawthorne

He looks a lot like the prototypical Steelers mid-round cornerbacks. Good size, got some tools, needs some work. They have a good track record of developing corners in recent years, so gotta feel good about Hawthorne being worked into a contributor.

6a. Justin Brown

He's got size, some nice speed, we'll see how he develops. At the very least, he has return ability. Perhaps I thought too much of that initially, but may as well give him a shot. The size is the nice thing, and again, another highly productive college player. He caught more passes each year he was in school, and like Wheaton, he played four years.

6b. Vince Williams

Tell me you heard the story about how he was put on the Senior Bowl team because of injuries two days after it started, came in and made himself into the leader of the defense throughout the rest of the week didn't get you fired up. Tell me that. I don't think you can. I love this guy just on that story. Yes, I'm borderline delirious from fatigue and hand pain. I don't care. I'm writing anyway cuz I'm thinking Vince Williams is beside me, yelling at me.

7. Nick Williams

Not gonna lie, I really don't know who he is. I know we had one picture of him, a posed shot of him at The Combine. From that I can deduce he was at the Combine. That's all I know.

Those are my thoughts, what are yours? Vote for the grade in the poll you feel best reflects this class.