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Undrafted Free Agency: Steelers begin talking to free agents

A quick look at some of the best players available after the draft, and who the Steelers might target in undrafted free agency.


When I started writing this article, I came across the following tweet. My list isn't going to be as inclusive as the UDFA class might end up being, but what does the tweet say about the current roster?

The draft is never over. Undrafted Free Agency (UDFA) begins right as the draft ends.

Expect Kevin Colbert & Co. to be on the phone with players they just passed on in the draft trying to sign the next James Harrison or Arian Foster. The Steelers still have needs and there are still good players available, let's take a look at who are the best players available, and who the Steelers might target over the next 24 hours. (* denotes potential Steelers target)


Tyler Bray, Tennessee*
Bray was talked about before the draft as a potential target for Pittsburgh as high as the fourth round. Obviously they preferred Landry Jones, and with Colbert saying today that the Steelers feel comfortable with the quarterback position, I think the odds of Bray becoming a Steeler are about as high as Charlie Batch making a return. That said, the Steelers had dinner with Bray, and unless that dinner went horribly, the Steelers might consider bringing in Bray to push Landry Jones for the third spot

Matt Scott, Arizona
Some mock drafts had Scott coming to Pittsburgh in the 7th round, but i don't think he fits with what the Steelers are looking for, and Jones clearly wins this competition. No use wasting a practice squad spot on Scott with Jones in the fold, and I wouldn't expect Jones to settle for a place he isn't likely to receive a chance.

Running Backs

Ray Graham, Pittsburgh*
It was hard to find read through more than three mock drafts without coming across Ray Graham coming to Pittsburgh. The Steelers are obviously familiar with the local product, but decided to take a pass. The Steelers are pretty set with running backs, but if Graham wants to sit on the practice squad and learn for a year, Pittsburgh will only have one running back under contract next season at this point: Le'Veon Bell.

Wide Receiver

Da'Rick Rogers, Tennessee Tech*
If it weren't for off the field issues, Da'Rick Rogers would have been selected as high as the second round. Many people still thought he was a third round prospect, but as always happens to at least one player, Rogers went undrafted. I think Rogers will wind up being this year's Vontaze Burfict, where some team will snap him up fast and get a steal if he can keep in line off the field. I wouldn't be surprised if Rogers was already negotiating a contract with the Bengals. It is unlikely the Steelers will make a run at Rogers not just because of his problems, but because they just drafted two WR's, but I think he would be worth the risk.

Marcus Davis, Virginia Tech
The 6'2" wide receiver could be a tall target for a team looking to take a run at one of the best undrafted WR's. He could have gone in the 6th round, but fell undrafted.

Tight End

Ryan Otten, San Jose St.*
I think Ryan Otten is a 4-5th round TE prospect. The guy would be a great bargain for the Steelers and would have a good chance of making the team, at least until Heath Miller returns. He could spend the rest of the year on the practice squad. I would love Otten in Black and Gold.

Joseph Fauria, UCLA*
Fauria was another popular late round projection for the Steelers. The guy could fill a similar role as Otten. Don't be surprised if the Steelers bring in multiple pass catchers through UDFA.

Offensive Line

Alvin Bailey, G, Arkansas*
A projected 4-6 round prospect, the 6'3" 312 pound mauler should receive strong consideration by many teams, and since Pittsburgh didn't address this need in the draft, he could be high on their list of players to sign.

Chris Faulk, OT, LSU*
Faulk held his own against the best defensive competition in college football. Faulk might have projected as a first or second round tackle after entering his junior year in 2012, but tore his ACL in the first week of the season and ended up undrafted. If Pittsburgh is looking for depth at tackle, they shouldn't look farther than Chris Faulk.

Defensive Line

Kwame Geathers, NT, Georgia*
Geathers is a prototypical nose tackle who was buried behind John Jenkins, the Saints' third round pick this year. The Steelers have a number of nose tackle prospects in the mix, but none worth writing home about. Geathers could be added as competition and could earn his way to the backup of Steve McClendon, a currently wide open position.

Outside Linebacker

Chase Thomas, Stanford*
I am shocked he went undrafted. A third round prospect in my mind with a Stanford pedigree should have found a taker. I'm not in the room of these meetings, but the Steelers could use more players at outside linebacker and on special teams.Thomas should be signed quickly.

Lerentee McCray, Florida
A "tweener" DE/OLB at the next level, the Steelers might not be interested, but whoever brings him in will have a steal.

Inside Linebacker

Kevin Reddick, North Carolina*
Been injured in the past, and tends to avoid taking on blockers, but most college linebackers do. A solid pass rusher who is more than capable in coverage, Reddick could compete in a depleted Pittsburgh linebacker corps for a job with Sylvester. Reddick has a chance to develop into a solid backup or potential starter.

Defensive Back

Mike Edwards, CB, Hawaii
A big corner played at Tennessee before being kicked off the team after being charged with armed robbery. The Steelers are avoiding players with off the field issues, and even though Edwards has the talent, he won't be in Black and Gold.

Robert Lester, S, Alabama*
Lester could play either strong safety or free safety, but he would be better at strong safety. He has adequate ball skills, but lacks the center fielder mentality. Lester is a big safety and a solid tackler who would contribute on special teams. The Steelers took a strong safety in the draft, but could see how Lester fits in long term.