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Jarvis Jones eats at Primanti's

What about Subway, Mr. Jones?



Steelers first round draft pick Jarvis Jones is seen at Primanti's in Pittsburgh chowing down on a Pittsburgh delicacy.

Not to make a thing of it, but I swear I was contacted by marketing reps from Subway just the other day regarding their client being named as a Subway Famous Fan.

While it would be silly to suggest Primanti's competes with Subway in a direct way, I'm sure there's some slight anxiety over seeing this. At the same time, neither Jones nor the campaign appears to be rooted in a strict, stuffy corporate suit.

So in that spirit, I emailed the biggest corporate suit on BTSC, Mr. PaVaSteeler, who has yet to respond (it may partially be because I haven't emailed him yet, but rather, am waiting for his response to getting called out).

Considering hacks like me are mentioning his involvement with Subway anyway, it's probably all the same. I just find these stories funny.