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Steelers 2013 Pre-Draft Visits: Where did they end up?

Remember all those pre-draft visits where teams can bring in up to 30 non-local prospects for further evaluation?

Jared Wickerham

From what we were able to piece together from reports, the Pittsburgh Steelers only seemed to bring in 24 guys (30 is the maximum).

This is where they all ended up (table is sortable - just click on the column headers):

Player Pos School NFL Team Round Overall Pick #
Josh Boyce WR TCU Patriots 4 102
Justin Brown WR Oklahoma/Penn State Steelers 6 186
Jamie Collins OLB Southern Miss Patriots 2 52
Will Davis CB Utah State Dolphins 3 93
Nik Embernate OG San Diego State Steelers N/A UDFA
Johnathan Franklin RB UCLA Packers 4 125
Malliciah Goodman OLB Clemson Falcons 4 127
Khaseem Greene ILB Rutgers Bears 4 117
Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia Steelers 1 17
Tavarres King WR Georgia Broncos 5 161
Eddie Lacy RB Alabama Packers 2 61
Michael Mauti ILB Penn State Vikings 7 213
Johnathan Meeks S Clemson Bills 5 143
Christine Michael RB Texas A&M Seahawks 2 62
Sio Moore OLB Connecticut Raiders 3 66
Xavier Rhodes CB Florida State Vikings 1 25
John Simon OLB Ohio State Ravens 4 129
Phillip Thomas S Fresno State Redskins 4 119
Shamarko Thomas S Syracuse Steelers 4 111
Tharold Simon CB LSU Seahawks 5 138
B.W. Webb CB William & Mary Cowboys 4 114
Duke Williams S Nevada Bills 4 105
Vince Williams ILB Florida State Steelers 6 206
Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB Connecticut Titans 3 70

As you can see, the list is depth-heavy (as opposed to top-heavy) as the vast majority ended up being Day 3 picks -- a whopping 9 out of 24 were selected in the 4th round alone.

If initial reports of Nik Embernate signing with the Steelers as an undrafted free agent (UDFA) are true, Pittsburgh will have ended up with five of the prospects they had in for visits - one more than they wound up with last year, when they did hit their limit of 30 visitors.