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Mel Kiper gives Steelers draft a B

The Steelers "get some of their bite back" according to ESPN analyst Mel Kiper Jr.

Chris McGrath

With a system that gives marks for both team needs (B+) and value (B) the Steelers were given a B overall grade for their draft by ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper.

According to Kiper, the Steelers "got some of their bite back," noting the selection of Jarvis Jones at 17 was a great pick, and safety Shamarko Thomas in the fourth round was "a great value add."

He also mentioned that if Thomas was a little taller, he would have been drafted higher.

Kiper wasn't thrilled with the selection of Le'Veon Bell in the second round, but admitted he "ran behind some pretty poor blocking" at Michigan State and was still productive. He also posed the situation in which Bell would be running behind former first round picks C Maurkice Pouncey and RG David DeCastro in Pittsburgh, wondering how much better he could be.

He concluded by saying fifth round cornerback Terry Hawthorne "could stick." That was it. So he's got that goin' for him...which is nice.

Overall, it's probably the right grade for a draft that really builds a future nucleus of leadership and consistency. It may be above average, but it's exactly what the franchise needed.