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Steelers rookies on Twitter

All nine of the Steelers draft picks are on Twitter, get their handles here.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Here's a list of the Steelers' nine draft picks with their Twitter handles (thanks to Melanie Friedlander and Aerys Sports' Steel City Blitz):

Round Name Pos School Twitter
1 Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia
2 Le'Veon Bell RB Michigan State
3 Markus Wheaton WR Oregon State
4 Shamarko Thomas S Syracuse
4 Landry Jones QB Oklahoma
5 Terry Hawthorne CB Illinois
6 Justin Brown WR Oklahoma
6 Vince Williams LB Florida State
7 Nick Williams DT Samford

Not sure if it's just another example of my sheer stupidity, but I didn't get the SacMan thing until now - the play off Pacman, I mean. Certainly, SacMan doesn't fill us with dread the way Pacman might now, but I'm not going to call him SacMan all the same.