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Highlights: Le'Veon Bell hits the Truck Stick, levels Nebraska defender

On one of Le'Veon Bell's 36 carries against Nebraska, he lays out a safety who's in the hole trying to make a tackle. He gets Bell to the ground, but it's obvious who wins this battle.

Eric Francis

After doing a bit on sixth-round pick Vince Williams putting a Joey Porter-like "Woo" hit on undrafted free agent from Clemson Dalton Freeman, it seems only fair we include Le'Veon Bell lowering the boom on Nebraska safety Courtney Osborne.

The cameraman, or a person sitting next to him, doing a Kevin Harlan impression after the hit aside, it shows Bell's willingness to drop the shoulder and deliver a bang on a defender in the hole. The play only went for maybe two yards, but it's something Mr. Osborne felt for a while afterward.

Nebraska escaped the game with a 28-24 win back in November. In what was one of Bell's best games of the season, he carried the ball 36 times for 188 yards and two touchdowns, while running behind a quarterback who was 9-for-27 for 123 yards.

A solid effort all-around from Bell. We doubt Mr. Osborne would disagree. Another man's hit.