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Evidently, the NFL is not concerned with health of draft hopefuls Eddie Lacy or Jarvis Jones

As the upcoming draft steadily approaches, prospects with possible health problems, which could prohibit their playing professional football, are prepared for reexamination. Two names have been surprisingly omitted.

Scott Cunningham

It's amazing how fickle the human brain can be.

Ever since the end of the 2012 regular season, NFL fans have been obsessing over the new class as they anticipate the 2013 Draft, as have NFL teams.

Several projected early picks have had their draft stock burdened by health-related issues. Many of these players are being invited in for "second opinions" as players are re-evaluated for the purposes of team's setting their draft boards. Two names which have been surgically attached to the injured label all off-season have not been invited for another check-up - RB Eddie Lacy and OLB Jarvis Jones

Jones has been trying to escape the spinal stenosis diagnosis he received while at USC, but seemingly did not affect his prolific career with Georgia. Jones has already endured several examinations which all reiterate his feelings on the subject - his condition should not affect his ability to play professional football, and pro football should not affect his condition or long-term health.

Evidently, the football world agrees with him as he has not been requested to appear for yet another appointment.

Lacy, who is rehabilitating a hamstring injury, was also omitted from the examination schedule. He is expected to run for scouts on April 11th, according to PFT. If his exhibition goes off without a hitch, his non-invitation will be validated.

While signs in both cases point only toward optimism, these are the question marks which prevent the draft from being simply a declarative process. Every team is gambling with each pick, hoping to not only reap statistical rewards, but also longevity and positional security. Every concern must pass through a fine-toothed comb.

Judging by their scheduled non-appearances in Indianapolis this weekend, both Lacy and Jones have already passed through with flying colors.