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Joe Flacco to play Johnny Unitas in an upcoming movie

Flacco will depict Unitas in the Colts' historic 1958 NFL Championship game in "Unitas We Stand."

Greg Fiume

If this is a late April Fool's story, consider us properly suckered. But we don't think it is.

According to the Baltimore Sun and the Los Angeles Times, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco will play NFL legend Johnny Unitas in the final football scenes in an upcoming movie about the Baltimore Colts quarterback - largely considered the grandfather of the position and the modern passing game - called "Unitas We Stand."

It makes sense, considering the marketing value. Unitas, a Baltimore legend, being played by the current team's quarterback.

From another sense, and the Times article doesn't seem to be aware of this, Unitas was from Pittsburgh, and while BTSC does not conduct formal market research, it feels confident in saying very few people in the man's hometown will want to watch it if the Ravens' current quarterback is in it.

From a physical sense, Flacco couldn't look any more different than Unitas, both in terms of build (Flacco is 6-foot-6, Unitas was 6-foot-1) and throwing motion. Ironically, it seems Flacco playing Unitas in non-football scenes would make more sense, if they gave him a flat-top and shaved his eyebrows.

Nothing is said in regards to whether Flacco will be asked to learn Unitas's unique and glorified throwing motion, or how frequently he'll be featured in the movie...or if CGI will be used to mimic that throwing motion.

It's hard to come up with the appropriate response, so I'll leave it to the community to discuss this...decision.