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Steelers undrafted free agent Reggie Dunn: 'they said they weren't going to kick it to him'

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Why would they kick it to Reggie Dunn? It seems rhetorical in nature, but perhaps the Steelers signed Dunn after the draft to make teams answer that question this season.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

The ESPN broadcasters as well as the production staff do a great job selling the audience on the drama unfolding in a game tied at 35 with 8:25 left in the 4th quarter.

The crowd is noisy and boisterous in Boulder, Colo., as the Buffaloes are kicking off to their opponents, the Utah Utes, and the video is chock full of clips of crazed fans dressed up and acting nuts.

One would think Colorado would not want to put any Utah playmaker in a position to make a play, particularly on the kickoff.

They failed in that task.

WR/KR Reggie Dunn erases any doubt about his viability as a pro returner on this, simply due to his freakish burst of speed. The color analyst sums it up the best:

"Why would you kick it to Reggie Dunn?"

Dunn ended up with four 100-yard returns in 2012, an NCAA record. This particular return happened to be the second consecutive 100-yard touchdown return in the game, but it was the last score in the game.

One area of concern for Dunn making this roster is showing position flexibility. While he's a highlight machine in particular packages, he wasn't particularly productive overall, hence the reason he wasn't drafted.

But you can't ignore speed like that.