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AFC North Draft Tournament: Le'Veon Bell vs. Arthur Brown

Both Baltimore and Pittsburgh landed players at positions of need with productive college resumes. Who got more value out of their second round picks?


Voting for the other half of the second round picks bracket is underway, with Cincinnati's Giovani Bernard and Cleveland's Josh Gordon battling it out (with Margus Hunt sitting it out due to his lack of competitive ability in comparison to his peers).

The headliner of this group is former Steelers favorite Arthur Brown, the second round pick of the Ravens, vs. Le'Veon Bell, the player perhaps in the best position to make an immediate impact of any AFC North draft pick.

Many clamored for the Steelers to select Brown, and perhaps they wanted to, but opted to take Bell at 48 instead. The Ravens traded up with Seattle to get Brown, likely because four other inside linebacker types had been taken already, and they didn't want to lose the ability to get one in the second round.

Both are players who likely will see the field quite a bit in their rookie campaigns, and however we feel about one player or the other, the comparison of these two guys will be made for the next several years.

Draft speculation can be cruel that way.

While Brown was taken eight spots after Bell, both the Steelers and Bengals (twice) passed on Brown. He was the sixth ILB taken in the draft. The Ravens traded up for Brown.

All these things need to be considered, but so does the fact the Ravens got a player they wanted at a position they needed to fill.

So who is it? Did the Steelers get more value with Bell at 48 than the Ravens did in trading their fifth and seventh round picks to Seattle to take Brown at 56 overall?


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