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Cowboys vs. Steelers Week 15 game one of best of last season

It ended tragically, but as far as highlights go, the Steelers' Week 15 loss at Dallas was exciting until the bitter end.

Tom Pennington

Not entirely sure Steelers fans will see it the same way, but has named Dallas's 27-24 overtime win over Pittsburgh in Week 15 as the 16th best game of the 2012 season.

While the game itself doesn't exact conjure great memories for Steelers fans, two things to note here: 1. it certainly was an exciting game, chock-full of big plays in big moments - nearly all of them made by the Cowboys. And 2. for as cheesy as some might think this feature is, it's actually very well done.

It's set up sort of the same way NFL Films does their historical games features. Tidbits are mixed in to the overlaying action described in writing.

Elliott Harrison points out historical comparisons as well as a summary at the end explaining why it was chosen as the 16th-best game that doesn't include any schmaltzy melodrama...well, maybe it's not completely free of that, but it frames the whole story nicely.

If Harrison is taking suggestions, may we point out Steelers over Ravens in Week 13, or Steelers over Giants in Week 9?