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Media reaction about Steelers rookie Reggie Dunn

SB Nation's Utah site, Block U, throws their weight behind former Utes wide receiver/kick returner Reggie Dunn.


An open-ended question was posed to a few media outlets covering the University of Utah in regards to wide receiver/kick returner Reggie Dunn.

SB Nation's Block U, who graciously answered our questions via Twitter.

Asked very simply, why didn't Dunn get the ball more, the response is intriguing.

So a vote of support for the emerging Cult Hero Dunn.

The Steelers next scheduled full team portion of OTAs May 21-23. Subsequent OTAs are scheduled for May 28-30 and June 3-6. Minicamp is scheduled June 11-13. Perhaps Dunn can show a thing or two while there. He'll certainly be a player to watch, as competition for kick and punt return duties looks to be competitive this training camp.