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Max Starks bolts for the San Diego Chargers

Former-Steeler Max Starks agrees to a one year contract with the Chargers, officially ending his tenure as Pittsburgh's blind side protector.

Gregory Shamus

According to the man himself, Max Starks will be heading to the San Diego Chargers on a one-year deal, finally putting to rest the question of if the former-Steeler will protect Ben Roethlisberger's blind side for one more season.

Starks adds a veteran presence to an offensive line that will be incorporating first round pick and fellow giant-human, DJ Fluker as well as tackle King Dunlap. With a lot of moving parts, Starks will have a chance to train yet another LT prospect to replace him, something he has done many times in his career.

Bolts from the Blue: Chargers fans reaction to Starks

I will miss Max Starks, who I think has been criminally underrated by the presence of a weak OL around him. Imagine if the Steelers had been able to give him anything to compliment his skills on the left side.

I know Ben Roethlisberger will miss him, and I am expecting Ben to don a XXXL #78 practice jersey tomorrow.

Good luck to you Max, and enjoy protecting another (albeit inferior) quarterback from the 2004 draft.