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Mike Adams confirms he's been playing right tackle during Steelers OTAs

Marcus Gilbert remains the Steelers' top option at left tackle so far through the Football in Shorts portion of the offseason program. Mike Adams confirmed he's been exclusively on the right side so far.

Jared Wickerham

Steelers offensive tackle Mike Adams looked sweaty, that's for sure.

As for his specific comments regarding which position he'll play this season - a topic of speculation as the Steelers gear up for the 2013 season - he looked a bit colder.

In an interview posted on the Steelers web site, Adams was asked if he expects to be playing right tackle this season. He responded with, "As of now, yeah."

That essentially confirms Marcus Gilbert remains at left tackle, and while it may be a bit premature to suggest Adams won't get any looks there at all, it's hard to ignore how dominant Adams looked at times in the running game on the right side last year.

Pass protection was another story, especially when he was facing then-Ravens outside linebacker Paul Kruger. But that's beside the point.

If this is a move toward the ultimate decision of who will be the Steelers' starting left tackle this season, it was made before Football in Shorts began. Perhaps Adams' is simply a better player on the right side. As any young Steelers tackle should know, playing both - as well as either guard position - isn't just a good idea, it's a likely move in their career arc.