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Plaxico Burress selling fashionable socks on the side

Great for activities such as playing piano with beautiful women or staring at the floor while listening to Pink Floyd, Plaxico Burress released his own line of footwear that doesn't include shoes.

Anyone in the market for high-end and decorative socks need to look no further than the Plaxico Burress Collection.

For the low, low price of $24-$29, you can buy a pair of Plax-endorsed socks. Judging by the models wearing them, it seems these can be worn in many situations, like playing the piano with a gorgeous woman wrapped around your shoulders, or staring contemplatively at the floor while listening to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon."

It's deep. Versatile.

Maybe it's a nest egg for Burress - who's wife recently released a line of maternity clothes. Clearly, there's a market for people who wear $29 socks. It's possible he could pick up a nice chunk of change on the venture, so you can't hate a guy for making a buck or two.

The collection will be available to non-models on June 1.

The humor of the release party's location wasn't lost on PennLive writer Dustin Hockensmith.

"Burress debuted the collection at a New York nightclub, the same setting in which he accidentally shot himself in the thigh in 2008. He was sentenced to two years in prison for violating New York's gun laws."