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AFC North Draft Tournament: Tyler Eifert vs. Matt Elam

Tyler Eifert at 21 or Matt Elam at 32, which team, Baltimore or Cincinnati, got better overall value with their respective first round draft picks?


Two players the Steelers were thought to possibly consider at some point in the 2013 NFL Draft, tight end Tyler Eifert and safety Matt Elam.

Or, New Ochocinco vs. Matt "Don't Call Me Jason" Elam.

Both teams have to be happy with their first round picks, although Cincinnati's was something of a surprise. Giving middling talent quarterback Andy Dalton plenty of middle range targets may help them mask the inability of their third-year passer, and get him to actually perform like an NFL-level quarterback come playoff time.

Elam is a perfect fit in Baltimore. His college tape looks like he exerts about much effort as Ed Reed has the last few years in Baltimore, but for all the plays he allegedly makes, it looks like a solid No. 32 overall selection.

From an ability standpoint, Eifert has to take a bit of a lead, but as far as value and draft position, it's easily Elam. Did Cincinnati even need a tight end? Jermaine Gresham isn't making anyone forget about (insert name of good Cincinnati tight end here) any time soon, but he's an effective player with reasonable catching and blocking skills. Eifert may be an upgrade in both departments quickly into his career.

Elam looks more like an underneath coverage and box presence than he does a deep center field kind of player Reed was at the bitter end. In fact, he very well could end up replacing Bernard Pollard more than Reed.

Either way, two good selections by the back-to-back playoff qualifying duo in the AFC North.