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Tunch and Wolf Walk for the Homeless

...and Momma Rollett and a whole lot of her new best friends are going to join them.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

I hope you all don't mind the commercial, but it is the off-season, after all. I've been pretty quiet lately, as I have been putting together the stats for my magnum opus. Stats will be flying past your ears at a terrifying rate as the question is finally answered—who has drafted the most successfully, and how did they do it?

But today, I'm letting you know about an awesome fundraiser hosted by Tunch Ilkin and Craig Wolfley. They have been actively involved with Light of Life, a homeless shelter in Pittsburgh, for some time now. This year I decided to take the plunge and join them for the 10K walk this coming Saturday. Heck, registration is at Heinz Field—that's pretty exciting in itself. And it is raising money for a great cause.

There's only one little hitch. I haven't walked 6 miles in...oh, a while. And my training regimen has, thus far, consisted of watching a few of the linked videos of our new draftees, in the hopes that their athleticism will inspire me. I've also been trying to get to bed a little bit earlier this week, on the theory that an 8:30 a.m. call time will be within the realm of possibility. I'll probably still be grumpy for a bit, sad to say.

So why am I telling you all this? Well, first of all, if any of you want to join me, there's still time to register. Click here and the form will magically appear on your computer. (At least, it seems like magic to me, because I'm over 55, hem, hem, Steel34D.)

If you aren't in the Pittsburgh area, or are otherwise engaged this Saturday, you can donate. Go here to donate in the name of my "team," (which just consists of me so far, but that works, since I'm an introvert), or you can just donate to the general fund, if, say, you are a Ravens fan and don't want any BTSC associations to taint your fandom. I'm not proud...

I will post a full report, with pictures, to prove I walked the whole six miles. Because I am going to walk the whole six miles. Like Alamedu Ta'amu at training camp last year, I may be a little sore the next day. But frankly, this is in a far better cause.