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Eastern Conference Finals Game 1 Open Thread: Bruins vs. Penguins

Throwing some support to The Penguins, PensBurgh and all Penguins fans everywhere.

Justin K. Aller

The committee convened and voted to only have open threads for those weird non-Steelers games events on weekends. So here we are.

I'm actually going to watch this one - much to the pleasure of SteelerBro - partially out of hope the Penguins win, partially out of support for all you crazy yinzers and partially in hopes of seeing Boston lose.

That's always fun.

Not much other news in Pittsburgh today...I didn't read the crime blotter though. Did anything happen?

Don't forget to throw some support to our cousin site, PensBurgh, for all news related to the Pens in this series, and, hopefully, beyond.

I have no good jokes today, so things are running normally. Enjoy the game.