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Steelers RB Jonathan Dwyer taking opportunity seriously

Weight has been a concern with Dwyer in the past, but it seems he's poised to make it difficult for Le'Veon Bell or Isaac Redman to take his job.

Jared Wickerham

One of the main storylines heading into the 2013 season is the waistline of running back Jonathan Dwyer.

Listed arbitrarily at the top of the Steelers' running backs depth chart, the impression is the starting job is Dwyer's to lose. Due to such issues in his past, a concern was how much weight Dwyer put on this offseason, and if he kept himself fit enough to compete against last year's adversary, Isaac Redman, and rookie Le'Veon Bell.

The Steelers won't just place Dwyer - or Bell or Redman - at RB1 for minicamp, needless to say, but with the offseason acquisition of LaRod Stephens-Howling, and the presence of low-contract and low miles Baron Batch, someone's likely going to have to go.

Bell, the rookie second-round pick, won't be cut, and Stephens-Howling's special teams ability as well as his versatility in the Steelers' passing game, appears to make him safer than the others.

It would seem like Batch would be the odd-man out in a loaded backfield, but there's still a lot hinging on Dwyer's weight. It doesn't seem like that was reported to be an issue, and he told Tribune-Review reporter Mark Kaboly he will spend the time after minicamp and before training camp training at Pete Bommarito Performance Systems in Florida.

Clearly, he's taking his role seriously, and judging by Bommarito's web site, it would be extremely difficult to gain weight while participating. Even looking at some of the drills makes me feel like I'm shedding fat.

(Bommarito's system likely does not endorse watching the videos and not training along with them as a means to lose weight)