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Third suspect in Mike Adams stabbing apprehended

After a manhunt spanning the east coast from Pennsylvania to Florida came to a shocking conclusion, authorities now have the third and final suspect in the stabbing and attempted carjacking of the team's right tackle.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

You can ran, but you can't hide.

And you can certainly be tased.

Friday morning, authorities apprehended Jerrell Whitlock - the third suspect in the Mike Adams' carjacking/stabbing - in Gainesville, Fla. According to multiple reports, tips from Whitlock's family led police to the hotel room in which he had been staying for the past three days. The room was registered under his sister's name.

Whitlock was shocked initially when police entered the second story room, and was finally shocked again when he was tased attempting to flee via the balcony. Also in the room with Whitlock at the time, were his child, and the child's mother Precious Gethers. Gethers was also arrested. The child was released to an acquaintance. Whitlock's bail has not yet been set.

Whitlock joins his two cohorts - Dqay Means and Michael Paranay - in police custody, after the three men allegedly attempted to steal the vehicle of Mike Adams, and then stabbed him at gunpoint when he thwarted their diabolical scheme.

Adams is expected to be healthy enough to start the season, and his three assailants are expected to have a miserable time in lock-up, if convicted of the multiple crimes each have been charged with. Pittsburgh Steelers fans are literally everywhere.