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Terry Bradshaw: "It's a terrible combination, having ADD and having to sit down and study"

The Steelers Hall of Fame quarterback is launching a musical show based on his life, and he took some time to talk about the current Steelers and his show on Mike & Mike in the Morning.


Former Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw has never been at a loss for words.

Now, he's putting music behind it.

Bradshaw, the star in the one-man show "Terry Bradshaw: America's Favorite Dumb Blonde...a Life in Four Quarters," took some time to speak with the media in regards to his new Vegas show.

Bradshaw told ESPN's Mike & Mike in the Morning a writer approached him about a version of his life story to music. They started to write the outline, with Bradshaw saying he thought it was nothing more than a "deviation from raising cattle and horses."

"It was a nice change of pace," he said. "It's a terrible combination, having ADD and having to sit down and study like this."

Bradshaw spoke on the Immaculate Reception. He mentioned his classic quip, that he thought he delivered the heroics in that moment with a perfect throw, based on the crowd's reaction as he laid on the ground, having just been hit by multiple Raiders defenders."

"As bad as (Franco Harris's) hands were, he probably trapped it," Bradshaw joked. "The truth is, I don't know."

Bradshaw was asked whether he felt the Steelers would win another championship with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

"They're in a rebuilding mode, and Ben's, what, around 30 now? If they put a few pieces together, yeah, I think they will, they always rebuild, and they rebuild well, so I think, yes, they will."

Host Mike Greenberg confirmed Roethlisberger is 31 years old.

"He's a special quarterback," he said of Roethlisberger. He answered "Absolutely" when asked if Roethlisberger is a top five quarterback."

The show opens June 28 in Las Vegas at the Mirage Hotel and Casino.