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Steelers at 14 in 2016 NFL Power Rankings

ESPN is filling the void by taking what's essentially their current power rankings and slapping a future year on them.


ESPN is combating the lack of news in this current cycle by expanding their coverage to include future Power Rankings.

Even if those results are roughly the same as they are in 2013.

According to them, the Steelers will be 14th in the year 2016, with San Francisco, Green Bay, Baltimore, Seattle and New England rounding out the top five.

One could - and very likely will - have the same teams in their top five for 2013 as well, but hey, it's a list ranking the 32 NFL teams, how can we complain.

The criteria in which the teams are judged are their rosters, quarterbacks, the draft (assuming they aren't using their projections on the 2014-16 drafts, although they might be), the front office and coaching.

As far as sustained success is concerned, the Steelers are a blue chip franchise, certainly moreso than the St. Louis Rams (8th) or the New Orleans Saints (10th). The Denver Broncos come in at 11th, receiving reasonable marks in the quarterbacks category because the Broncos drafted Brock Osweiler in the second round of the 2012 draft.

And yes, they are actually speculating Peyton Manning may still be playing then.

As it is, the Steelers are ranked 14th overall in the future, and that's probably within a few spots of where they will be this year as well. Bookmark this article for the end of the 2013 season, and let's compare it to where the team ended up; I get the feeling it will be just slightly different.