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Steelers cornerbacks join Keenan Lewis at Ike Taylor’s football camp

Several Steelers cornerbacks are in Greta, La., helping with Ike Taylor’s annual football camp. They give comments on Saints – and former Steelers – CB Keenan Lewis between reps with 200 campers.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Between sessions with famed speed and conditioning coach Tom Shaw in Orlando, the Steelers cornerbacks are helping out with Ike Taylor's yearly Face Me Ike football camp in Gretna, La., which is outside New Orleans.

Pretty much all of them are down there.

Gary Eastwick of The Advocate penned a feature on former Steelers CB Keenan Lewis, who, along with Taylor, Cortez Allen and Curtis Brown, are helping work with 200 camp participants.

The article itself is about Lewis, focusing specifically on his competitive nature. As usual, Taylor was not at a loss for words.

"Second place didn't matter," Taylor said of Lewis's time with the Steelers. "It's kind of like that movie (‘Talladega Nights'), the (character) Ricky Bobby statement: ‘If you ain't first, you're last.' And that's the kind of mentality he has."

That's crazy. You could be third, or fourth. Hell, you could be fifth.

The Steelers were far from even fifth place last year as a team but their passing defense was first in the NFL. Lewis looks to bring that mentality to the Saints who had the worst yardage defense in the NFL - and gave up one of the largest totals of yards in league history.

Under defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, Lewis can feel at home with similar responsibilities in run support as he did in Pittsburgh. Competing against former first round pick Patrick Robinson and Jabari Greer, the Saints also drafted safety Kenny Vaccaro in their attempt to re-make a porous defense from 2012.

As long as they don't expect turnovers from Lewis, they will likely upgrade their cornerback depth this year.