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Expanding Steelers Mount Rushmore from four to six

The only laws regarding Mount Rushmore seem to have more to do with how close people can come to it, not how many people from one team can be on a fictional version of it.

Jared Wickerham

Being the sharp legal mind I am (not), I decided to get outside the box in an effort to solve this pesky "Steelers Mount Rushmore" thing.

Plain and simple, there are not enough spots to encapsulate fully and truly the amount of Steelers players, coaches and contributors who belong on this list.

Paging through hundreds of pages of legal precedent, I have found nary a law on Mount Rushmore, other than people are not allowed within a certain space surrounding the monument (I actually didn't read that, I found it out first hand. Automatic machine guns are kind of cool from up close).

It does not, however, say we are only allowed four faces. Granted, we already cheated by proxy when we accepted Pro Football Talk's decision to use the entire Rooney family as one face.

We're going to cheat some more.

We're bumping this up to six. That's six faces on a Steelers Mount Rushmore.

This list is not all encompassing, but just to put a few names out there:

Mel Blount
Terry Bradshaw
Joe Greene
Jack Ham
Franco Harris
Jack Lambert
Chuck Noll
The Rooney Family
John Stallworth
Lynn Swann
Hines Ward
Rod Woodson

Along with that, let's add Troy Polamalu, Ernie Holmes, Jerome Bettis, L.C. Greenwood, Dwight White, Bill Nunn, Bill Cowher and Dick LeBeau. And many others. Everyone's on the table here.

Next in this hard-hitting series, managing editor Neal Coolong breaks down, annexes the Rockies and decrees simply faces of former Steelers will cover two-thirds of the entire mountain range.