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Kelvin Beachum victim of versatility and Steelers cursed right tackle position

The Steelers have trotted eight different players out to their right tackle position since 2010. With Mike Adams' recent injury, Kelvin Beachum could return to the spot he wasn't supposed to be playing. Again.

Jared Wickerham

Steelers offensive lineman Kelvin Beachum has no one position. He has all of them. Ironically, his positional instability makes him the most suited for the Steelers' least consistent position - right tackle.

Drafted presumably as a candidate to move inside in 2012, Beachum made the team on the outside, providing depth behind Max Starks and Marcus Gilbert as Mike Adams, the second round pick in that same draft, groomed his pockets to hold the keys to the kingdom. The selection of David DeCastro in the same draft, and presence of Maurkice Pouncey at center, didn't given Beachum great line of sight into immediate playing time at right guard or center, and the move of Willie Colon to left guard made it seem like Beachum would go through his rookie year quietly, maybe from the practice squad.

Instead, he saw the field in Week 3 and later started in the team's final five games at right tackle.

The roller coaster continued this offseason, as Beachum saw the release of Colon, and was told he'd be moving back inside - the team's initial plan for him (presumably). Then he was taking snaps at center, giving him exposure to all five offensive line positions in just a shade over a year with the team.

It's a wonder if he could play tight end.

He may as well. The man he replaced on the roster was the former Steelers King of Trench Versatility, Trai Essex - who played tight end in jumbo formations for a spell.

Fresh off an OTA session of snapping to the quarterback, The rubber band attached to Beachum's leg snapped him back to right tackle - the same one that saw three different Steelers start games there last year and a total of eight different players since 2010 - Colon, Gilbert, Adams, Beachum, Essex, Flozell Adams, Jonathan Scott and Tony Hills.

While the Steelers signed free agent Guy Whimper to possibly run the total to nine, it's possible the Steelers get Beachum some snaps at right tackle until the return of Mike Adams - who was hospitalized with stab wounds over the weekend, and is expected to miss the remainder of the Steelers' offseason practice schedule.

Maybe, for the sake of variety, the Steelers would throw Whimper out there just to see how he takes to it.

Then again, if they're looking for variety, they needn't look any further than Beachum - even if he seems cosmically connected to the right tackle spot.