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Limas Sweed suspended from Roughriders after walking out of training camp

Limas Sweed appears to be D-U-N done in Canada. The former Steelers player walked out of training camp Sunday with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, and according to a report, was seen packing his bags.

Gregory Shamus

Arguably one of the most infamous players in Steelers history, Limas Sweed, may be at the actual end of his professional football career.

Rod Pedersen, the play-by-play broadcaster for the Roughriders, reported on his blog Sunday Sweed was placed on the team's suspended list after he walked off the practice field as the team began training camp. Pedersen wrote Sweed was seen packing his bags afterward.

Sweed had what seemed like his last go at an NFL roster spot last year when he reportedly bombed tryouts with the Giants and Bengals. He was added to the Roughriders' practice squad toward the end of last year, and didn't make it through one practice in their training camp this year.

It's tough to envision Sweed hooking on anywhere else, or a more obvious statement than what was just written.

Sweed, a second round pick of the Steelers in 2008, is one of the lowlights of what is turning into one of the least successful drafts in Steelers history. None of the players they drafted are on the current roster, and several played very few, if any, snaps with the Steelers or any other team.

Sweed is the most well-known of all of them. Multiple injuries and high-profile drops stuck with him throughout his Steelers career - which ended with his release in training camp before the 2011 season.