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Pittsburgh police identify sought third suspect in Steelers Mike Adams stabbing

With two suspects already in custody, authorities continue their search for a third suspect by releasing his identity to the public through the media.


Charlie Daniels warned the world not to lay a hand on a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. His warning applied to players as well, in case there was any misunderstanding.

Evidently, three men didn't receive the memo, as they attempted to steal the truck of the team's starting right tackle Mike Adams. Adams confronted the armed men, and was stabbed multiple times in defense of his property.

Pittsburgh authorities have already arrested and charged two suspects in the case, Michael C. Paranay and Dqay Means, both of Hazelwood, Pa. Now, they are searching for a third suspect, and have identified him as Jerrell Whitlock, also of Hazelwood. Awaiting Whitlock are charges of attempted homicide, attempted robbery, conspiracy and aggravated assault.

Whitlock has evaded police longer than his two constituents, but will begin running out of places to hide as the police continue to actively pursue him on the street and through the media.

Adams is still expected to recover fully in time to prepare for the opening of the regular season.