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Super Bowl XLIII Open Thread

We may as well...

Al Bello

No real rules on this one, just a great football game, and hopefully some nostalgia worked into it.

So if you're around, make your presence felt.

This game had everything. Two Hall of Fame quarterbacks, two young coaches at the top of their games, great wide receivers, great defensive players...obviously I'm excited at any chance to see this game again.

Big plays like that reversed fumble after the big James Farrior sack, Willie Parker's run after Santonio Holmes' catch, followed by a tough Cardinals defensive stand. That gets nullified by Adrian Wilson running into Chris Gardocki. Just big play after big play.

For anyone whining about James Harrison's hit on the punter later, look at that play by Wilson.

Yet, I digress.

A mark of two franchises at pivotal points in their histories. The Cardinals hung around for a bit after this game, and have since fallen apart. The Steelers' offensive coordinator is now their head coach.

The Steelers got back to this game but could not get over the top, and haven't won a playoff game since.

An epic game, have I mentioned that?