In defense of Maurkice Pouncey

J. Meric

What can I say, I see both sides of an issue and to be honest, am usually able to argue either side of a discussion if I so choose. I could be all doomandgloomy on our favorite NFL team, but I choose to represent the more fun loving Pollyanna Choir, and I don't want to let anyone down when I tell you that is a choice on my part, like the ones we all make every day whether consciously or not, we are what we decide to be. A truth is that we are what we project ourselves to be, that is basic Psychology. What is Maurkice telling us by his actions since he has joined the Steeler Organization, especially with his latest choice in head wear?

Loyalty that is what, loyalty with a capital L, he has it in spades. Did anyone else notice in the movie Blindside, the almost compulsively protective nature that was given to Michael Oher? Protective disorder, that is what I called it at the time, he had a need to protect those he felt the closest to or responsibility for, here in Steelers Nation we saw another example of a similar idosyncrasy with Maurkice's recommendation of Chris Rainey and in his defense of Aaron Hernandez.

I took to calling it Blind Loyalty in response to PaVa's signature (that's called a shout out, PaVa), about Blind Faith, but what exactly does that say about Maurkice's character, if Blind Loyalty is what he is afflicted with? Certainly nothing could be said towards Maurkice not being intelligent, Center is one of the most demanding positions to play involving both leadership and intelligence. No, it has to be something other than Maurkice is a dimwit as one of our Brethren commented whom needed a slap upside the back of the head. Maurkice is highly intelligent and a leader of men at a very high level, what Maurkice has is an heightened since of loyalty that is outside of the Psychological norm for the vast majority of people.

So what? Who cares if Maurkice isn't quite normal in this regard, most humans have one area on the Psychological Scale where they come dangerously close to passing outside of the norm, surely in our humanistic interpretation of Morales, we can conclude though Maurkice may be a little bit outside the norm when compared to the masses, he has done nothing that would necessarily make him a "bad" person.

Matter of fact, I respect Maurkice Pouncey and I am VERY glad that he is the starting Center for the Pittsburgh Steelers. God Bless him. Go Steelers!

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