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Over/Under for wins in 2013: Cleveland Browns

Determining the right middle ground for potential win totals for a team is an exacting, arduous process, so we’re going to set a number and see what sticks.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not a bookie, but I'm going to play one on a web site.

The Cleveland Browns are one of the more intriguing teams of the 2013 season. After a year that showed some promise, including a competitive primetime loss at Baltimore early in the year, things wore down in Cleveland after the team was sold and their coaching staff was placed in unofficial lame-duck status.

Their new owner, former Steelers minority stakeholder and current subject of federal investigation, Jimmy Haslem came in, and outside potential federal charges, he brought in an energetic coach, Rob Chudzynski, and with him, two coordinators with proven records of success in the NFL. Norv Turner has been associated with offensive production through the course of his career, and Ray Horton - former secondary coach of the Steelers and defensive coordinator of the Cardinals - has had success everywhere he's been.

Outside of the issues this team can expect from the quarterback position (where Brandon Weeden still cannot be considered reliable), the Browns are a solid team. It's unwise to categorically bet against any team that can run the ball well (rookie Trent Richardson ran for nearly 1,000 yards and 11 touchdowns while battling injuries much of the year) and make plays on defense.

Even with Weeden likely being the anchor affixed to the hull of the Browns' solid ship, I'd put the over/under of wins for them at seven.